During my childhood, when someone asked me what I would be when I grew up, they would promptly receive the answer: "Artist and writer". At that time I had a very fertile imagination and a huge desire to create. It was also during my first decade of life that I began to observe everyday trivialities and cultivate the habit of documenting them in illustrated diaries.

Acima: trecho de um dos diários da minha infância

Abaixo: página de um diário de viagem de 2018

When I grew up, I decided to study Languages and Litterature and later, after having lived for some time in France and also in Germany, I went to attend a second degree in Visual Arts at Unesp. My studies helped me find new tools to continue doing what I've always done: expressing myself through narrative. I try to exercise, every day, an observant posture: a conversation at the bus stop, a family walk on Sunday, an afternoon at the beach: the day-to-day mood is unpretentious and beautiful.

Today I work as an illustrator, potter and art educator. If you want to know more about my work with text, comics and visual essays, you can visit my blog (texts in Portuguese). To see a little more of my ceramic production, it is worth visiting my profile on Instagram.
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